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’Total blackout’ still on the cards


The planned ’total blackout’ protest is still on the cards, although a specific date has not yet been confirmed.

File picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African News Agency (ANA)

THE PLANNED city-wide blackout is still on the cards, although a specific date has not yet been confirmed.

The call for the “total blackout” came after some IDP meetings fell flat during the past week due to the failure of some councillors to attend.

In some city wards this frustrated and infuriated communities, who want answers on the electricity price hikes that Sol Plaatje Municipality plans to implement soon.

A community leader, David Kock, confirmed on Thursday that the total blackout is still on the cards.

He said engagements are still under way with all areas and stakeholders, including the business sector.

All 33 wards in the municipal district are expected to participate in the blackout.

Kock explained that the call for a total blackout was triggered by the “recent arrogance displayed by local and provincial government and politicians who continue to ignore the needs of the communities”.

He highlighted “recent chaotic events” where Sol Plaatje Municipality “failed to deliver proper basic services and ignored the pleas of the ratepayers”.

“What is being planned is not a shutdown but a total blackout. A shutdown is when only one affected area is protesting while a total blackout is all wards,” explained Kock.

“We will be closing all entrance and exit roads and stopping all movement around the city.

“Our municipality and government need to come and account.

“Ratepayers are being held at gunpoint. We don’t want to learn that the electricity price hike is implemented without any proper feedback.

“Politics are playing games, including at the administrative level. Politicians know what they are doing. They are playing games in order to buy time to implement their agenda. They think they can run through the draft budget without consulting the people, which is wrong

“They moved away from blocking electricity and now want to increase it.

“Politicians are in offices to oppress the officials at administrative level. Projects are not completed because politicians want to make decisions and ignore advice from experts. When administrators speak they get silenced immediately.”

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