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Tiger finally out of Woods


Woods’ win is right up there on the list of greatest achievements

Tiger woods celebrates after winning the 2019 Masters

SO TIGER Woods did shake up the world, just as we said he might

His victory, and his 15th major title, was immediately hailed as one of the greatest comebacks in sport – many are saying the greatest. Because of the demands of different sporting codes, such things are by their nature a little subjective, but let’s at least just say this: Woods’ win is right up there on the list of greatest achievements.

Nick Faldo, himself a three-times Masters winner and now a perceptive, outspoken TV commentator, told viewers yesterday that Tiger had said to him at a Masters dinner just two years ago: “I think I’m done. I don’t think I can ever play golf again.” A debilitating back injury meant Woods had to literally shuffle across the room.

And yet here he is now, ruling his sport again and purring with pleasure as he luxuriates in the glory and the acclaim.

Now the feverish, delightful prospect is back in our minds: will Woods equal or overhaul Jack Nicklaus’ tally of 18 majors?