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Tienie Potgieter takes the wheel


Tienie Potgieter is the newly appointed dealer principal for Morgan Nissan, Renault and Baic in Kimberley.

Tienie Potgieter has 26 years of experience in the automotive industry. Picture: Danie van der Lith

IN A RECENT interview with Tienie Potgieter, the newly appointed dealer principal of Morgan Nissan and Renault Kimberley, the DFA learned about his extensive background in the automotive industry, his passion for people and cars, and his vision for the future of these beloved brands in the Northern Cape.

Potgieter, who hails from Johannesburg, is set to steer the dealerships towards a future filled with excellence in customer service and community engagement.

With 26 years of experience in the automotive industry, Potgieter is no stranger to the intricacies of managing dealerships. His journey began in 1997 and over the years he’s nurtured a profound understanding of what it takes to make both the staff and the customers thrive.

“A leader is only as strong as the people who work for him,” he believes, emphasising the importance of fostering a dedicated and motivated team.

Tienie Potgieter believes that a leader is only as strong as the people who work for him. Picture: Danie van der Lith

Kimberley and the Northern Cape offer unique opportunities that Potgieter and his team are eager to capitalise on. The region’s demographics and the surrounding towns present untapped potential and the Morgan Group, which includes Nissan, Renault and the soon-to-open Baic franchise, is committed to serving the community better. The dealership is actively participating in local events to show support for the community.

Customer service levels have seen a significant improvement and Potgieter and his team are focused on providing professional service to all customers. A small but meaningful gesture includes offering free popcorn and ice cream on hot days as a sign of appreciation.

Potgieter’s vision for Morgan Nissan and Renault in Kimberley is clear: to take the dedicated staff to the next level, where excellence in sales is matched by a commitment to customer service. “Every Morgan customer must be a testimony for our brand,” he notes, underscoring the importance of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

To elevate the customer experience and foster brand loyalty, the dealerships are implementing various initiatives. These include annual free automotive health checks for Renault and Nissan customers, competitive trade-in prices, flexible financing options and exclusive packages. Brand-loyal customers can enjoy higher trade-in values and cashback offers, ensuring that Morgan Group is the preferred choice in Kimberley.

Morgan Group is also looking forward to the introduction of Baic (Beijing) to Kimberley, offering a range of affordable vehicles. Nissan and Renault will focus on increasing their market share with new models. Potgieter suggests keeping an eye out for upcoming product launches.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of Morgan Group’s philosophy. They’ve partnered with the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) to support local employees in the industry. The dealerships also sponsor events at local schools, including rugby and cycling, as well as initiatives for underprivileged communities in Kimberley.

Potgieter’s impressive track record in the industry is a testament to his leadership skills. He’s successfully turned around several dealerships in the past and believes in the mantra, “Happy staff, happy life.” He’s confident that by taking care of his team, they will, in turn, take care of the customers.

To ensure that the team remains motivated, skilled and dedicated to delivering exceptional service, Potgieter stresses creating a safe and conducive work environment. Daily meetings and training sessions are held to facilitate continuous learning and improvement.

Potgieter, along with Morgan Nissan, Renault and Baic, wants the Northern Cape community to know that they are committed to serving and supporting the people. With a strong focus on customer service, community involvement and employee satisfaction, they aim to make the dealership experience in Kimberley exceptional.

Under Potgieter’s leadership, these dealerships are not just here for the community but here to stay, driven by a vision of excellence and dedication to their customers.

Tienie Potgieter, the new dealer principal for Morgan Nissan and Renault Kimberley. Picture: Danie van der Lith
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