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Tied up city granny dies


Her health had deteriorated rapidly after she was diagnosed with a shrunken cortex that could have been the result of a history of heavy smoking

DEAD: The 57-year-old woman died waiting to help.

THE 57-YEAR-old Galeshewe grandmother whose hands were tightly bound behind her back to prevent her from eating her own faeces, has died before she could be admitted to a mental health facility.

Family members had resorted to using bandages to tie her hands to a window frame to prevent her from wandering around in the streets, as she became confused and disorientated.

They also had to prevent her from eating various items including plastic, paper, wire, household detergent, her blanket and rat poison.


The grandmother was often left in the care of her two young grandchildren, whom she barely recognised, when their mother and father left for work.

A relative said that she had died with her hands still tied up.

“Thankfully she wasn’t alone at the time. She was buried over the weekend. It was so tragic but we did not have any other choice. We were still hoping that she could be accommodated at a specialised facility where she had access to medical care. She really was not well.”

While she had been sent for observation and had been admitted to a care facility in Britstown, she returned home as they were not able to accommodate her.

Her family explained that her health had deteriorated rapidly after she was diagnosed with a shrunken cortex that could have been the result of a history of heavy smoking.

Meanwhile, the Kimberley mental hospital has missed yet another deadline for completion despite repeated promises that it would not extend beyond November last year.

Sub-contractors are still on site and have estimated that at least another six months will be needed to complete the work.

“We are clueless as to whether an extension has been granted.

“There is still a substantial amount of work to be done. Payment continues to be late.

“We do not know if the other contractors will be returning to site.

“The builders’ holiday ended on January 8 and yet the site is virtually deserted.

“We do not know if they are not coming back because they have not been paid or if they will return on Monday.

“We continue to be in the dark because all information is withheld from us.

“Some of us have been on site for more than nine years and we do not know how much longer we will be here.

“It makes it difficult to tender for other jobs as we do not have the manpower to be at two sites at once.”

The Department of Roads and Public Works did not respond to media enquiries, including the new expected date of completion and where the additional funds will be sourced for the extension of the deadline.