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Three killed, six wounded in mass shooting



Picture: Pixabay

DURBAN – Police are at the scene of a mass shooting in the vicinity of the Durban High Court where three people were shot dead and six others are in a critical condition.

Rescue Care Paramedics spokesman, Garrith Jamieson said the shooting took place at an apartment block in Baker Street in the city centre near the Durban High Court.

He said that three people were killed – two men and a woman – while six others were shot. Their injured ranged from moderate to critical.

“Paramedics were on scene treating the critically injured,” he said.

Police had cordoned off the scene for detectives to probe the area for clues. The area around the shooting was on lockdown by police. Paramedics from various ambulance services were on scene treating the wounded.

Details were sketchy on Monday afternoon and the reason for the shooting was unclear.

It is not known who the shooter is or if police had identified the suspect.

Netcare 911 reported that it responded to reports of a shooting at a police station in the Durban CBD.

Reports from the scene indicate that two adult males and one adult female were shot dead, approximately six other patients were also shot and are being treated by advance life support paramedics on scene.

It a understood that the shooting occurred at a student residence which is located behind the police station.