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Threats won’t stop Gibson Molale from standing for president of NC Cricket


Molale said he had reported incidents of intimidation to the police on Thursday.

DESPITE being on the receiving end of threats, the acting president of Griqua Diamonds trading as Northern Cape Cricket Gibson Molale will not be deterred from contesting for the president position at this weekend’s annual general meeting (AGM).

Molale said that he was serving as acting president since November 2020.

“I am the only candidate who accepted the nomination for president and will be the first black president of Northern Cape Cricket if I am elected.”

He stated that he had reported incidents of intimidation to the police on Thursday.

“On Wednesday I received an anonymous caller who warned me not to contest and said that they would ‘make my life a living hell ’ if I refused to step down. I am worried about the safety of my family and did not go to work yesterday (Thursday) as I do not take these threats lightly. I was on edge when I dropped my child off at school.”

He added that he was followed home following a meeting at the cricket oval on Wednesday by a red car at around 8pm.

“The vehicle followed me right up until the Galeshewe circle. It was dark so I was not able to make a record of the number plate or identify the passengers who were travelling in the car. I have reported the threats to the police and they have promised to follow up on all information. The police will also be present at the AGM on Saturday. I will not bow out of the race because I have a lot to contribute towards the sport.”

He stated that he wanted to extend outreach and youth development programmes to all regions of the province.

“Cricket should not only be accessible to an elite few. Disadvantaged communities must be provided with training and resources. In the location children are playing cricket on makeshift fields made of sand and use tyres for wickets. Cricket South Africa has resources but it is not reaching those that need it the most. As a young boy, I also experienced the pain of having to play cricket in my school shoes and not being able to afford a cricket bat. If we do not invest in rural areas, we will never have a 90 percent representation of African players on our national teams.”

Molale added that players in rural areas were denied opportunities to become great sportsmen.

“There is a lot of undiscovered talent. I love the game and I am actively involved in the Frank Roro Cricket Club where there are cricket players of all ages as well as a women’s team. I work for government and am also involved in a community program to assist children with their homework so that they have time to play cricket. Sport really helps to motivate children from being lured into a life of crime and drugs. I always tell them that they can play sports on an international level and earn an honest living.”

The Companies Tribunal of South Africa issued an order that the AGM be held no later than February 28, following a dispute that arose between the Francis Baard Cricket Association and Northern Cape Cricket.

The AGM will take place on Saturday at 10am.