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Thousands of vacant posts


The total number of vacant posts in the Province was 3 477, while the vacancy rate for the quarter from April to June 2019 stood at 13.85%

Picture: African News Agency (ANA)

THERE are a total of 3 477 vacant posts in the Public Service in the Northern Cape, with the Department of Education sitting with more than 2 000 vacant posts.

This is according to a parliamentary reply to the Minister of Public Service and Administration.

According to the reply, the Northern Cape’s Public Service had 21 743 filled posts as at June 2019. The total number of vacant posts in the Province was 3 477, while the vacancy rate for the quarter from April to June 2019 stood at 13.85%, based on information available on the Persal system.

The Department of Education had the highest number of civil servants with 10 085 filled posts, as well as the highest number of vacant posts, with a total of 2 196 posts vacant, while it had a quarterly vacancy rate of 18.7%, the highest in the Province.

Health was the next biggest employer in the Province with 6 747 filled posts. The department has a total of 785 vacant posts (with the quarterly vacancy being 10.07%).

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism, while it only has 185 filled posts, is sitting with a total of 52 vacant posts and a quarterly vacancy percentage of 14.49%, the second highest in the Province.

There is also a high quarterly vacancy rate in the Department of Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs, which had a quarterly vacancy percentage of 9.99%. This department has 581 filled posts and 69 vacant posts.

The provincial Treasury also had a 10% quarterly vacancy rate, with 45 vacant posts. A total of 350 posts in this department are filled.

One of the lowest vacancy rates is in the Department of Environment and Nature Conservation, which had a 3.39% quarterly vacancy rate. The department has only 12 vacant posts while the number of civil servants it employs is 236.

Northern Cape


21 743 (filled posts June 2019)

3 477 (vacant posts June 2019)

13.85 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

521 (filled posts June 2019)

40 (vacant posts June 2019)

5.44 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs

581 (filled posts June 2019)

69 (vacant posts June 2019)

9.99 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Economic Development and Tourism

185 (filled posts June 2019)

52 (vacant posts June 2019)

14.49 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)


10 085 (filled posts June 2019)

2 196 (vacant posts June 2019)

18.7 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Environment and Nature Conservation

236 (filled posts June 2019) 12

3.39 (vacant posts June 2019)


6 748 (filled posts June 2019)

785 (vacant posts June 2019)

10.07 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Office of the Premier

235 (filled posts June 2019)

14 (vacant posts June 2019)

5.35 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Provincial Treasury

350 (filled posts June 2019)

45 (vacant posts June 2019)

10 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Roads and Public Works

869 (filled posts June 2019)

104 (vacant posts June 2019)

8.87 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Social Development

1 051 (filled posts June 2019)

84 (vacant posts June 2019)

6.59 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Sport, Arts and Culture

522 (filled posts June 2019)

48 (vacant posts June 2019)

8.08 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)

Transport, Safety and Liaison

360 (filled posts June 2019)

28 (vacant posts June 2019)

7.57 (quarterly vacancy rate – percentage)