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Thieves ‘slowly eating library’


“It is so embarrassing that our own people can stoop so low as to vandalise their own community library”

RESIDENTS of Square Hill Park in Kimberley have expressed anger over the continuous incidents of theft and vandalism at the Judy Scott Public Library.

According to community members, thieves are “slowly but surely eating” the community library after the carport was initially stolen.

“Now they are busy cutting down the devil’s fork fencing and destroying the air conditioners at the library,” residents said yesterday.

“They have even stolen the satellite dish that is used for the wi-fi. Part of the paving is also loose as the paving stones are stolen bit by bit at night.”

According to a resident who stays near the library, Joseph Classen, he initially thought that the carport had been removed by the library staff or the municipality.

He said he only realised after he noticed that the devil’s fork fence was being stolen piece by piece that it was the work of criminals.

He added that the hall next to the library was also being targeted as the air conditioners had been destroyed and tables and chairs were stolen.

“It is so embarrassing that our own people can stoop so low as to vandalise their own community library,” stated Classen. “I wonder whether these people know how they are taking themselves backwards.”

He pointed out that some community members were ungrateful as the government had made an effort to meet them halfway by providing free wi-fi.

“There are at least four schools near the library and the pupils depend on this wi-fi to do their school work. “Now they have to travel far to other libraries because their own community has vandalised the library.

“It is also not fair for us to be provided with services, and then security has to be beefed up in order to protect those same services.

“It is really time for people to wake up.”

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