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Teen on epic journey to raise awareness for Cansa


In an inspiring and heart-warming endeavour, a determined Grade 10 pupil has embarked on an epic motorcycle journey to raise funds and awareness for the Cancer Association of South Africa.

Henrike de Wet is seen with her father, Gideon de Wet. They are holding up the Route 74 flag in memory of her mother who passed away from cancer. Picture: Danie van der Lith

IN AN INSPIRING and heart-warming endeavour, Henrike de Wet, a determined Grade 10 pupil from Nelspruit High School has embarked on a mission to raise funds and awareness for the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) Mpumalanga.

Accompanied by her father, Gideon, the duo are undertaking a remarkable motorcycle journey across six provinces in just seven days.

BMW Kimberley played host to this remarkable father-and-daughter duo this week, along with their dedicated support crew.

Gideon, an avid BMW motorcycle enthusiast, took centre stage during the event, addressing a poignant topic that touches many lives: cancer and the heart-wrenching experience of losing loved ones to this formidable adversary.

A number of people attended the event that was held at BMW Kimberley. Picture: Danie van der Lith

In a gesture of support and solidarity, the duo conducted a spirited auction, featuring an array of coveted items. Among the treasures up for bid were their own branded shirts, exquisite pens, fuel tank protector pads and intricately customised rings, among other enticing offerings.

In an extraordinary display of generosity, BMW, ever the benevolent sponsor, stepped up to the plate by contributing a BMW leather jacket valued at an impressive R22 000 to the cause.

This gathering was not just a testament to the partnership between BMW Kimberley and this dynamic duo, but also a heart-warming illustration of how a community can rally together to raise awareness and funds for a cause as vital as cancer research and support.

Picture: Danie van der Lith

The journey, dubbed “Route 74”, not only serves as a fund-raising campaign for Cansa Mpumalanga but also pays tribute to the memory of Henrike’s mother, who tragically lost her life to cancer two years ago.

Her mother is not the only person she lost to cancer. Between 2019 and 2021, she lost her mother, uncle and grandmother.

Their journey began on September 29 as they roared out of Nelspruit on their motorcycle, with Pretoria as their first destination. From there, they embarked on an ambitious route that took them through Polokwane, Rustenburg, Kimberley, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and finally back home on October 6.

They have covered an astounding 2 500 kilometres during their journey, experiencing the vast beauty of South Africa while spreading the message of cancer awareness.

Henrike de Wet and her father, Gideon de Wet, spoke about losing family to cancer and thanked BMW Kimberley for the support they showed them. Picture: Danie van der Lith

Henrike, reflecting on her motivation, shared: “In Grade 8, my English teacher, Riana, initiated a project to collect funds for Cansa. I saw the opportunity to be part of this meaningful initiative and I wanted to make a difference.”

Tragically, losing her mother to cancer served as a powerful driving force for Henrike. She was determined to honour her mother’s memory and contribute to the fight against this devastating disease.

Gideon spoke about their choice of a motorcycle for this journey, stating, “I always had a motorcycle in the garage, but after my wife’s passing I found more solace in riding. It evolved into something more than a hobby. I cherish the freedom of the open road, and sharing it with my daughter is a blessing.”

The name ‘Route 74’ holds special significance for the family. Henrike explained: “When you hear the name ‘Route 66’ you think of a classic road trip. We wanted to capture that spirit but add our personal touch. We chose ‘Route 74’ because my mom was born in 1974.”

The dynamic father-daughter duo has extended an invitation to all those touched by their remarkable journey to participate in their charitable endeavour. They warmly encourage individuals to make contributions to support their noble cause. To contribute, kindly make your donations directly to Cansa’s account at Absa Bank, Cheque account, with the account number 1020 0509 06. Be sure to include the reference “Route 74” to ensure your generous contribution reaches its intended destination. Your support can make a significant difference in their mission.

Henrike and Gideon’s incredible journey is not only raising funds but also shining a light on the importance of cancer awareness, reminding us all that even the most daring adventures can be undertaken in the service of a noble cause.

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