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Taxi fare to increase in May


Commuters have indicated that they will have no other choice but to pay the new fare.

Taxi fare prices to increase from May 3, 2022. Picture: Soraya Crowie.

TAXI commuters in Kimberley will have to dig deeper into their pockets as the taxi fare will increase from May 3.

Taxi prices for the Kimberley Taxi Association will increase from R12 to R15. Scholars will, from next week, pay R12 whereas they previously paid R10.

The R12 only applies when scholars are dressed in their uniform, if not they would have to pay the same price as adult commuters.

A taxi ride from Roodepan will now cost commuters R18 and a trip from the Central Business District (CBD) to the mall will cost R10.

Children older than three years will pay R15.

Commuters have indicated that they will have no other choice but to pay the new fare.

“Everything in life is expensive. We have to pay a lot of money for food, school fees and other living expenses. Going to the mall is very costly as it will be almost R50 for a ride to and from the mall. We, however, have to understand as taxi drivers also have to make a living,” they said.

Employees working at the mall said they are already feeling the pinch.

“This is such a blow for us financially. We are already paying a lot for transportation. Having to take two taxi trips everyday is going to be costly. Our salaries are not increasing yet our expenses are going up,” they said.

They said they are between a rock and a hard place.

“We cannot miss or quit our job because of this. We have no other choice but to pay the fees. We would have to just dig deeper and see where and what we can sacrifice financially in order to survive. The taxi drivers do not take loans and one has to work on a daily basis. Life is tough, but what can we do,” they said.

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