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Sylvia slams bullying tactics


“This is not matter to be reduced to politicking for populist controversy”

FORMER Northern Cape premier and now the deputy chairperson of the National Council of Provinces, Sylvia Lucas, has lashed out at bullying tactics disguised as freedom of speech at last week’s State of the Nation address (Sona).

Speaking during the Sona debate on Wednesday, Lucas said lawlessness and intolerance had camouflaged as part of democratic order.

She also spoke out against the use of gender-based violence at Tuesday’s sitting for political point scoring. This, Lucas said, happened when women and children face an onslaught of violence and femicide.

“This is not matter to be reduced to politicking for populist controversy,” the former Northern Cape premier said.

She said they need to apologise to survivors and families affected by gender-based violence for what happened on Tuesday in Parliament.

She was referring to a heated exchange between ANC MP Boy Mamabolo and EFF leader Julius Malema. Mamabolo accused Malema of abusing his wife, a charge which Malema denied. But in turn, Malema pointed the finger at President Cyril Ramaphosa and accused him of abusing his ex-wife Nomazizi Motshatshisa.

Malema was kicked out of the House when he refused to withdraw the remarks.

Lucas also asked for a joint effort to restore the decorum of the House and tenets of parliamentary debate.

“This is a call to all of us to acquaint ourselves with the core pillar in the oath of office which should guide our conduct in this House,” she said.

Lucas added that with the silence broken on gender-based violence, there should be stronger action and action taken against the scourge.

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