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Summer campaign starts


“This festive season we are welcoming all the visitors coming to spend their summer holidays in the Northern Cape"

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THE NORTHERN Cape has been described as an “extraordinary destination” to visit during the summer holidays.

The Northern Cape Tourism Authority this week started its Summer Campaign aimed at encouraging visitors and travellers to spend a day or more in the Province and experience some “amazing summer offerings”.

“The festive season is upon us and a good way to connect and celebrate your holidays with family and friends is by visiting the Northern Cape, your ‘extraordinary summer holidays destination’,” Northern Cape Tourism Authority spokesperson, Tebogo Velombo, said yesterday.

“Either travelling from Johannesburg to Cape Town or vice versa, the Northern Cape roads are well maintained and travellers can take their time and reach their destination without being in a rush, either travelling via the N12, N1, N14, N7 and R63 roads.

“The Province offers great accommodation establishments in all five regions, friendly people with rich culture, historical monuments, delicious local food, beautiful scenery and open landscapes that every traveller would not like to miss,” Velombo added.

The MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Mac Jack, also extended a welcome to visitors to the Province.

“This festive season we are welcoming all the visitors coming to spend their summer holidays in the Northern Cape.

“We further invite our visitors to make time and visit our tourist attractions and offerings. Summer is the perfect time to know your province, know your country and take a sho’tleft in the Northern Cape,” Jack said.

He added that the Province was “perfect” for those seeking culture, nature and adventure experiences.

“We invite our visitors to join and engage with our locals at the Summer Northern Cape events during your stay in the Province.

“For more information on Summer Campaign offers, visit your nearest tourism information office and grab one of the Summer Booklets that will help you find the most interesting things to do and see in the Northern Cape this summer.

“This year we will join the Free State Gambling, Liquor and Tourism Authority as our cross-border partners to cross sell both provinces’ tourism offerings at the annual Parys Flower Festival this coming weekend,” Jack concluded.

The NCTA will also embark on Summer Campaign activation points in Colesberg, Kimberley, Hanover, and Britstown.