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SPM urges residents not to ‘panic stock’ water


Messages have been circulating on social media that the municipality is planning a water shutdown next week.

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THE SOL Plaatje municipality has called on community members to not ‘panic stock’ water after messages on social media regarding a water shutdown was scheduled for July 11-12..

Sol Plaatje Municipal spokesperson, Thoko Riet did not deny that the water supply would be interupted, but said they are still consulting on the matter and no date had been set for the matter.

“No date has been scheduled as yet because as a municipality we still need to engage with all stakeholders and businesses, especially the department of health. We are in the current pandemic of Covid-19 where we expect people to regularly wash their hands. Once all stakeholders have been consulted, a date will be announced to the public regarding the planned interruption which will only be a 24-hour interruption,” said Riet.

She said the municipality will conduct some upgrading during the interruption.

“The interruption is necessary to upgrade the pump station for the future development of the city.  The objective is to reduce the current water losses we are experiencing in the city. Once all consultations have been concluded we will announce it to the public through all our social media platforms and councillors will also announce the date for the interruption in their various wards,” said Riet..