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Something smells rotten


The times have changed and I would like to think that people’s intelligence and common sense has grown since then

A new whites-only settlement.

WHEN Adriaan Alettus Nieuwoudt offered 1 000m² to anybody who signed up to his movement, I was foaming at the mouth with excitement, looking all over for the forms to sign up.

Finally I could get a piece of land on which to build my dream retirement home.

In my mind I was already picking out the furniture, curtains, throw rugs and what my kitchen would look like.

My retirement was set. Phew! At least I didn’t have to worry about trying to find a tent big enough to house all my junk to erect on, hopefully, one of my friend’s or family’s front grass.

But, sadly, my hopes have been dashed – yet again!

I’ve been constantly told by people close to me that I fall for every trick in the book. In the words of one of them: “Elke bus moet jy klim.” (You have to climb on every bus). Those were some of my mother’s favourite words. They have also called me an “ever-optimist”.

This time, however, I think I’ve even surprised myself. Right from the start I had a niggly feeling about all of this.

Who in their right mind would just give someone 1 000m² to build a home on?

Like the experts always say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Although it hasn’t been proven to be anything but true, there are just some things that don’t add up.

Firstly, Nieuwoudt “gives you the land” which is “yours for eternity” but then later on he goes on to say he can’t “guarantee where your house will stand”.

Then he comes up with a story of how you actually “have to pay for the land before you can build on it”. You have to accumulate shares which you can “nogal lay-by”.

So once you have finished “laybying” your “free piece of land” you can then start construction on your house.

Now mind you, you can’t build your own dream house. He will have “sample homes” for you to choose from but you have to pay for the building materials and labour.

You will also not be able to see your home during the “building process”.

You have to rely on photos Nieuwoudt sends you. So basically you have no control whatsoever. All this means more money to fill his coffers as you just have to rely on what he tells you regarding costs.

Then, when you finally get to move in, you still have to pay levies and for water.

So you tell me who is benefiting here?

Definitely not you and me who were so eager to sign up.

And, if you go and look at Nieuwoudt’s shady past I think you get the picture.

Something really smells rotten here

But, the saddest part of all is Nieuwoudt’s “selfishness” in keeping Eureka inclusive. This idea would have had much more buy-in and he could have “skimmed” (no pun intended) a whole lot more people.

What happens, Mr Nieuwoudt, if, hypothetically speaking, I have a black partner and he has kids from a previous relationship, would this automatically prevent me from claiming my piece of land?

I’m willing to throw my pennies into your scheme, but will that be enough?

It really is time to realise that we are living in 2019 now and not 1989.

The times have changed and I would like to think that people’s intelligence and common sense has grown since then.

For now, I guess, I will just have to try and find other alternatives for my old days sigh …