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Some good … some not

One of the highlights was Poppie's parents sentenced for her death.

LAST year was exactly the same I’m just not feeling the spirit of Christmas. There is no Christmas tree up, there are no decorations, no gifts under the trees, no tired Mariah Carey carols blaring out

I think maybe it is because it has been a long year. Everybody is tired. I don’t blame anybody for feeling tired a lot has happened this year. Some good some not so good.

One of the big highlights for me this year was when Poppie’s parents were handed life sentences. This little girl was allowed to suffer some of the most horrific abuse that not even an adult would be able to endure until the fatal blow.

My biggest hope was that we would have been able to learn something from that, however, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Many more of our little angels have suffered and died at the hands of evil monsters.

Then there is Melissa Kanguya. Melissa tried to run from alleged rapists. Her half-naked little body was found a week later.

In my humble opinion, Mortimer Saunders is one of those evil monsters. He was handed two life sentences for the rape and murder of little Courtney Pieters. Saunders, who was a lodger in the Pieters’ home, was arrested after Courtney’s body was found on a rubbish heap in Cape Town. She had been missing for nine days. He had participated in the search for her and supported her family during vigils held to pray for the child’s safe return.

In May, Saunders admitted in the Western Cape High Court to murdering Courtney.

In a statement, Saunders said that he killed the toddler by giving her ant poison to drink because of issues between himself and Courtney’s mother. He said it was not his intention to kill Courtney and that he just wanted to make her ill. He was further accused of raping her body.

These stories are a bitter pill to swallow, however, it hasn’t all been THAT bad.

Besides my Poppie highlight, there has also been some other good news Banyana Banyana qualifying for the World Cup in June next year, the Proteas beating Australia, finally dealing with the land expropriation bill, Sam Smith gracing our shores – even though I don’t think selling my little Datsun will even pay for a ticket, but one of my biggest highlights was the recent story of the family that did some crowdfunding to pay for the repairs on their domestic worker’s house.

That story really touched me. A lot of us have heard the woe stories from our domestics. One story I heard from someone was that their domestic’s daughter had died from HIV/Aids. It didn’t, however, end there. She managed to pass the disease on to her little daughter. Now this little girl is not only dealing with not growing up with a mother or father and living with HIV/Aids but she has subsequently got TB as well. Her grandmother has to now take her almost weekly to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital to receive treatment.

Although the little girl’s grandmother works her butt off to support not only this little girl, but the rest of the family, it is highly unlikely they will have too much of a good time over the festive period. Maybe someone can think of crowdfunding to help this family too.

No matter how crappy I feel at this time, I know there are a lot of good things going on and I think if I see more of it I might not be the old Grinch that I feel I am.

I am definitely going to try and bring some cheer and joy to someone and if we all do it, I think it will make for a much more wonderful time.

Merry Christmas, everyone!