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Sol will work harder, faster, better – mayor


'Together we will rebuild the municipality and make it great again.'

Sol Plaatje executive mayor, Patrick Mabilo.

THE EXECUTIVE mayor of the Sol Plaatje Municipality, Patrick Mabilo, together with councillors and officials, has recommitted the organisation “to work harder, faster and better in delivering services to all who live within the municipal jurisdiction”.

At an ordinary council sitting earlier this week to consider the annual budget, the municipality, under Mabilo, committed to fulfil its mandate and objectives in providing sustainable, quality and efficient services to residents.

In a statement issued on Thursday, it was pointed out that among the primary challenges that needed to be addressed was the cleansing of all wards, sewage and water leaks that must be attended to within a reasonable turnaround time, electricity outages that must be attended to without delay and notices must be issued to affected stakeholders and the following-up and attending to of complaints.

“The municipality is faced with ongoing challenges, namely the sewage spills, water interruptions, potholes, refuse collection and electricity cuts. Technical teams have been working diligently in addressing these challenges. However, chief amongst these are the vandalism of our assets, primarily our electricity infrastructure,” Mabilo pointed out.

He added that plans that have been set out include a comprehensive and detailed cleaning programme that will be rolled out.

The main electricity outages were identified as being due to illegal connections and overloading of the system.

“The Call Centre remains a serious cause for concern as calls are not responded to without any follow up,” Mabilo stated. “Therefore, we will look into a total overhaul of the call centre.”

He stated that progress had been made in fixing potholes in the city and added that there were continuous strategic engagements with key stakeholders in assisting with the pothole fixing programme.

“We also call on the community to stop littering, illegal dumping and disposing of foreign objects in manholes and sewerage systems.”

Mabilo said that the municipality remained committed to attracting investment to the city for growth and development.

“An earnest appeal is therefore made to each member of the community of Kimberley to join hands in rebuilding the city. Let’s all join hands to work towards the success of the city. Let us not ask what our city can do for us, but rather what we can do for our city.”

“We are aware of service delivery issues that affect the lives of our people on a daily basis and the acute backlog in different areas of service delivery of these reported cases. We will, however, work more efficiently within the resources available in order to improve service delivery.”

He emphasised that officials who were found not to be executing their duties in the best interest of the community would be held accountable and would face the consequences.

Mabilo stated further that he would continue to engage stakeholders to better respond to the service delivery challenges through various outlets to regain the trust and confidence of residents.” We will continue to listen to our people and respond in a manner to better their lives and foster the building of a developmental city.

“Together we will rebuild the municipality and make it great again. We will forge ahead permitting neither adversity nor doubt to divert our attention. Let us put ‘All Our Shoulders to the Wheel’.”