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Sol threatens land invaders


It appears as if about 10 shanties will be erected in Sardine Street, Homelite.

It appears as if about 10 shanties will be erected in Sardine Street, Homelite. Picture: Danie van der Lith

SOL PLAATJE municipal security have been instructed to conduct patrols in Sardine Street in Homelite, after the land was cleared in preparation for the erection of shanties, over the weekend.

Adam Sulliman, a Homelite resident, said it appeared as if about 10 shanties would be erected on the site.

Chairperson of Sol Plaatje Municipality’s human settlements committee, Ronnie Morwe, stated that municipal officials, security, along with the “build and break” team were sent out on Monday to prevent an illegal invasion.

“The municipality has a standing court order to prevent the illegal occupation of municipal land. We have requested the police and soldiers to assist in enforcing the interdict. Illegal land occupants should be arrested, in terms of the interdict that was awarded. We will take the zinc sheets of the illegal shanties to the scrapyard if they start erecting any structures.”

He pointed out that in terms of the regulations both the eviction of any person as well as the erection of any illegal structure, was prohibited.

“I will instruct municipal security to patrol the area over the next few days to ensure that no shanties are built on the land.”

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