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Sol team inspects ‘big hole’


The homeowner still does not feel safe and has called for a thorough investigation to be conducted

INSPECTION: The municipal disaster management team was called out to access the hole which has formed on the property of a Hull Street home owner. Picture: Soraya Crowie

SOL PLAATJE Municipality’s disaster management team yesterday inspected the massive hole in the ground next to a house that is part of the Hull Street housing project.

The hole appeared after the layer of soil which covered what is believed to be an unused mineshaft caved in on Monday morning.

Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said that the disaster team would investigate what caused the hole to open up.

“It is about eight metres deep and has been cordoned off. We advise community members and children not to venture too close to the hole,” said Matsie.

“We have notified the relevant stakeholders, including De Beers, to map out the coordinates and establish whether any mining activity took place in the area and to locate any other possible mineshafts.

“If the hole was caused by mining it will be the responsibility of De Beers to rehabilitate it. If it is a sinkhole, we will have to involve geotechnicians and other departments to attend to it. If it is neither, the housing contractor must deal with it.”

The homeowner, Sarah Matshidisho, said that while she had been given assurances that there was no danger, she had slept at her sister’s house on Monday night.

“I do not feel secure, anything can happen, but I do not have anywhere else to stay. I want a thorough investigation to be conducted.”

Other residents are meanwhile nervous that their homes have been built on unused mineshafts.

“Although the houses are new, the walls are cracking and the roofs are not very stable. The walls become damp when it rains.”