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Sol tackling service delivery problems


Sol Plaatje Municipality says it is currently tackling some major service delivery challenges in Kimberley.

Sol Plaatje Municipality is busy replacing non-functional high-mast lights and street lights. Picture: Supplied

SOL PLAATJE Municipality said on Monday it is currently tackling some major service delivery challenges in Kimberley.

Municipal spokesperson Sello Matsie said the local authority is attending to a number of issues, such as pipe bursts, water leakages and sewage problems, that are plaguing the city.

He added that the municipality would take a “holistic approach” when addressing the problems.

“The challenges of service delivery matters will be addressed in a holistic manner and no area will be an exception within our municipal jurisdiction,” said Matsie.

Matsie pointed out that a number of challenges have already been addressed.

“To date, focussed interventions have resulted in over 700 sewage blockages being resolved and all sewage pump stations, except for one, are fully functional.”

He added that the issue of street lights is being attended to.

“Over the next few weeks all non-functional high-mast lights will be fixed and street light bulbs in all wards will be replaced. Street lights that are not working due to cable theft might take longer to be replaced, but will not be left unattended. Those problems will also be addressed in due course and will form part of our ‘Safer City’ campaign.”

Matsie said a team has been appointed to address the constant pipe bursts in the city

“The capacity of the waterworks teams will be increased by bringing five additional teams on board from the ‘War on Leaks’ teams, to deal with all minor leaks and non-functioning water meters in the city, so as to minimise water losses. The interventions for more serious leakages are currently in the planning phase.”

Matsie urged residents to continue to pay their municipal accounts in order to enable the municipality to improve its service delivery.

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