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Sol removes roots of troublesome tree


The municipality came to the rescue of the Greenpoint resident after massive tree roots blocked her sewage and water pipes.

GREENPOINT resident, Margaret van der Linde, yesterday indicated she is very happy that the Sol Plaatje Municipality assisted in removing the roots of a massive tree which blocked her sewage and water pipes.

The tree is located in the yard of the Greenpoint Primary School, right next to Van der Linde’s home. She said that for the past three years she was forced to knock on the doors of her neighbours in order to ask them to use their toilets.

She said she is happy that the municipality attended to the matter and assisted her in this regard following a report in the DFA yesterday.

“I am so happy that this problem was solved. The municipality also installed a tap that I can now use. The toilet was not working as the sewerage pipes were blocked by the roots.

“Now I have running water and can also use my own toilet,” she smiled.

Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said the problem is not only a challenge to Van der Linde, but also to the entire area.

“There are many Prosopis trees in the school yard. These are invader trees and do not need a lot of water to grow. The roots of these trees have penetrated the foundation of the house and the toilet.

“The water and sanitation network had been invaded to such an extent that the water pipes were demolished. This is a huge challenge as these trees have started affecting the sewerage system in the area and pose a danger to the infrastructure,” he said.

He said they will be meeting with the school to formulate a plan to remove all the trees.

“There is a fence and we will have to work in such a manner that we do not damage it. We will explain the challenge to the school,” he said.

Matsie also apologised to Van der Linde for the inconvenience she experienced.

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