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Sol Plaatje University placed under alert Level 3


Luka Jantjie House will be closed for the next six days while Sol Plaatje University will be placed under alert level 3 after 13 positive Covid-19 cases were reported for the period May 3-16.

Luka Jantjie House will be closed for the next six days. Picture: Soraya Crowie

WHILE Sol Plaatje University (SPU) is currently under alert Level 3 after 13 positive Covid-19 cases were reported for the period May 3-16, the Luka Jantjie House has reopened after it was decontaminated.

University vice-chancellor and principal Professor Andrew Crouch said Luka Jantjie House was forced to close after the Covid-19 cases, but has since reopened while the university continues to operate under alert Level 3.

“Approximately 30 other staff members, who were close contacts, are in quarantine at home and two students are in the university isolation facility. We are therefore putting in place additional measures to ensure the effective control of the spread of the virus.

“The Northern Cape Province is in the midst of a surge of Covid-19 infections which has had a significant impact on Sol Plaatje University.”

Crouch said that while the country was currently on alert Level 1, the university would be placed at alert Level 3 from May 17-31.

“The SPU alert level will be higher than the national alert level and will determine the control measures around workplace, academic and social activities that will be adopted by the university. We will assess the situation at the end of this month.”

Crouch stated that control measures that would be enforced included allowing employees over the age of 60 and those with comorbidities to work from home.

“The adoption of rotational work to allow for social distancing and spacing in facilities.

“New employees will be required to quarantine for a period of 10 days.

“All external participation meetings and social engagements are prohibited while virtual meetings are to be adopted where possible.”

He added that not more than five people would be allowed to attend in-person internal meetings, while social distancing had to be observed.

“There will be a temporary suspension of face-to-face activities/use of laboratory and technology workshops.

“All sporting and recreational activities will be suspended until further notice.”

Crouch said the central campus open areas would be restricted by access control systems and barriers would be utilised to control public access and to enforce screening.

“The return of students, scheduled for May 21, is suspended until further notice.

“Students in university-managed residences will not be allowed to go home for recess. Those students who need to go home must seek approval before leaving campus for the recess period. Those who choose to go home will not be allowed back on campus until invited to do so by the university.”

He indicated that a university curfew would be enforced from 10pm until 7am.

“Detailed communication will be sent out to students from the Student Affairs Department later this week and staff will receive further details from their line managers about the rotational work arrangements.

“We have become complacent in recent months about health and safety measures around the containment of Covid-19. I hope that each of you will be more vigilant and work with us to curb the spread of the virus on campus and within our wider communities.”

Crouch encouraged anyone who felt ill to seek medical assistance.

“If you have been exposed to someone who is infected, quarantine immediately. If you are infected, self-isolate for at least 10 days.”

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