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Sol mayor urges the public to “document” service delivery


While the service delivery cluster programme was launched, a clean-up the city project was also launched where the municipality promised to fix leaking pipes, potholes, high-mast lights and overflowing sewage.

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SOL Plaatje executive mayor Patrick Mabilo has urged the public to take before and after photographs of their wards at the launch of the service delivery cluster programme on Monday, September 21, at the Mandela Precinct.

In another programme that was launched to clean up the city, the municipality has made renewed commitments to fix the leaking pipes, potholes, high mast lights and overflowing sewage.

Mabilo was confident that residents would witness “a new Kimberley” over the next few days.

He stated that teams consisting of water, sanitation, roads, electricity and stormwater divisions would be dispatched to all 33 wards in the city.

“This is an integrated approach that will last for three months from September until November. In December we will review the programme. We will use our resources to the maximum benefit starting today in ward 4, 5 and 6 during the week where we will zoom in on service delivery challenges.

“The next week we will go to the next wards, no area will be left unattended. Service delivery must take place on the ground and each hour of work must be accounted for.”