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Sol gets deadline for service delivery plan


The core function of any municipality is service delivery.

Kimberley was and is an awesome place, even though it doesn't seem like it right now, but for that, we have ourselves to blame. The Mayibuye Uprising Memorial in Galeshewe township. Picture: Luke Folb

THE SECTION 106 report has given the Sol Plaatje Municipality until July next year to implement a service delivery action plan focusing on the elimination of sewage spills in the city, the fixing of potholes, replacing burst water pipes, cleansing the CBD and enforcing its by-laws.

This follows an investigation by the task team into the compliance of the municipality into internal process and systems with regard to risk management, performance management, general management and service delivery.

The report found the information reported in the annual performance report of the municipality was not accurate, valid and complete in terms of the dewatering phase of the Homevale Wastewater project, the connection of 446 additional households to the electricity network, the Greendrop status and the provision of weekly refuse collection to 52 000 households in the city.

Regarding the town planning unit, it found that the KPIs were not reported accurately on the municipal performance report.

“In this regard the report notes that the effect is that council may be presented with incorrect information regarding the performance of the municipality and spending against target may not correlate, it also means that the expectations of potential investors are not met and the city may lose investment opportunities.”

The team found that “management did not implement proper record keeping in a timely manner to ensure that complete, relevant and accurate information was accessible and available to support financial and performance reporting”.

“It also failed to prepare regular, accurate and complete financial and performance reports that are supported and evidenced by reliable information. The core function of any municipality is service delivery.”

The report “highly recommended” that the municipality compile and implement a service delivery action plan not later than the following financial year comprising of the following considerable focus points: elimination of spilling of sewage in and around Galeshewe, Roodepan, and all other areas within the jurisdiction of the municipality including Richie; the fixing of potholes in and around the areas under the jurisdiction of the municipality; the fixing, replacing of burst water pipes in and around the municipality; the cleansing of the CBD and other areas under the jurisdiction of the municipality; the enforcement of its by-laws to ensure a safe and clean environment; and the immediate implementation of the findings recorded against the town planning unit as per an internal audit report.