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Sol councillors in arrears


Various claims between the city council and employees are also still in process

Picture: Danie van der Lith

DESPITE paying out more than R28 million a year in remuneration to its councillors, at least 24 Sol Plaatje councillors are in arrears for more than 90 days with their municipal bill.

According to the financial statements for the year ended June 30 2018, the arrears accounts outstanding for more than 90 days for councillors is R863 887.

The highest amount owing by a councillor is R129 437, while another councillor owes R75 000 and another R60 000. A full list of the councillors’ names and the amount outstanding has been published in the financial statements.

The report indicates further that the executive mayor earns R964 961 a year, while the Speaker receives R806 380.

The total remuneration paid to councillors is R17 million, while a further R9 million is spent on contributions to UIF, medical and pension funds and other allowances.

The municipal manager is the top earning official with a total package of R2.174 million a year, while the directors of finance and corporate services received a package of R1.795 million. The director of strategic, economic development and planning is paid R1.799, while the director of community services receives R1.8 million and the director of technical services receives R1.4 million a year.

The financial report states further that material losses for water (as a result of various factors, for example burst pipes and stand pipes not metered) is placed at 52.77%. In rand value this equates to R42.4 million a year, while electricity losses are stated as 13%, equating to R54.7 million a year.

Listed among the municipality’s liabilities are various court proceedings. This includes high court matters (R76 million), court claims and litigations in progress (R14.9 million), labour matters (R693 000) and various cases involving council in magistrate’s court matters (R162 457).

It was also pointed out that the municipality has implemented a task grading system as a system of remuneration for all employees. However, as at June 30 2018, the implementation of task outcomes on employees revaluated were not yet finalised. It was pointed out that it is certain that this will result in a cash outflow which is unknown at the time of submitting the financials.

Various claims between the city council and employees are also still in process.