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Sol cashier sections closed after worker tests positive


Second person in the cashier section of the Sol Plaatje Municipality tests positive for Covid-19, staff sent home

File picture: Danie van der Lith

CASHIER sections of the Sol Plaatje Municipality, both at Pioneer House and at the Civic Centre offices, were closed on Monday and the staff sent home

Sol Plaatje municipal spokesperson Thoko Riet said yesterday that the sections were closed after a second person in the cashier section of the municipality tested positive for Covid-19.

“As a municipality, we have an interest to protect our employees just as it is important to protect our clients as they come in and out of our premises to pay for their services. We humbly apologise for the inconvenience this has caused,” said Riet.

Meanwhile, a store at the Diamond Pavilion Mall in Kimberley was also temporarily closed on Saturday after one person apparently tested positive for Covid-19.

The general manager of the mall, Amanda Barra, said the facility was disinfected immediately after the incident and is again open for business.

“We fully subscribe and adhere to all specific protocols as laid out by our government. For reasons of privacy, we do not share information regarding test results nor specific cases. We can confirm that all sanitisation and disinfection protocols have been strictly adhered to, including but not limited to immediate contact with the Department of Health, immediate closure of the store, and the decontamination and sanitisation thereof,” she said.

Barra said that they also followed the same measures to ensure other shoppers were not at risk of contracting the virus.

“Mall disinfection protocol commenced immediately. In terms of government regulations, it is the employer’s responsibility to screen their staff diligently and regularly. All our tenants have assured us of their continued adherence to these regulations. We are pleased to say that the Department of Health is satisfied with our reaction to this case and as such the mall remains fully open for trade,” she said.

In the last week, the number of Covid-19 cases in the Northern Cape has jumped by almost 150 and according to the Department of Health the figure is currently 385. A week ago it was 237.

In the Sol Plaatje municipal area the figure has doubled in the last week from 49 on Sunday, June 21 to 98 on Sunday, June 28.