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Shut down ‘house of evil’


Community members living in the area stated that the house was frequented by inmates who were released from prison

ABOVE: Joyce Goeieman, a neighbour of the 17-year-old girl (left) that was allegedly raped, indicated that she prohibited her young children from playing outside due to the dangers in the area where they stay. Picture; Soraya Crowie

A 17-YEAR-old girl was threatened at knife point and raped in a house that neighbours have labelled as a drug den and a criminal haven in Phomolong. The incident happened in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Residents are in the process of drawing up a petition for the house to be shut down as they stated that “all sorts of evil” was being committed at the “house of horror”.

Community members living in the area stated that the house was frequented by inmates who were released from prison.

“They smoke dagga and use all sorts of drugs while this is not the first time that someone has been raped inside that house. We are constantly living in fear. Stolen goods are stored inside the house.

“The trees are uncut and there are many hiding places to conceal the evil deeds that are taking place there. The electricity box has been blocked and it seems as if the municipal account is not up to date, so they use candles. The windows have been broken for a long time.”

One neighbour, Joyce Goeieman, indicated that she prohibited her young children from playing outside.

“What would happen if they should get hold of my daughters? We cannot go to church or leave the house. My family, elderly grandmother and I do not even feel secure inside the house.

“She said that numerous pleas had fallen on deaf ears when they had urged the councillor to address the high crime rate.

“He told us that we had the wrong number when we contacted him. Things were much better when the previous councillor ensured that the area was well kept and crime free.”

Phoebe Loff, a member of Operation Wanya Tstosi, added that the complainant was living with her grandmother, following the death of her mother about five years ago.

“Our members apprehended the suspect and handed him over to the police on Saturday. He was hiding when we found him. He has a previous murder conviction.”

The girl explained that she was waiting for her friend to arrive at the house on Friday at about 11pm when the suspect locked the door and prevented her from leaving.

“He told me that he was friends with my friend. He brought out a sponge mattress so that I could spend the night there, but I refused and told him that I wanted to go home. He pushed me onto the sofa and called me a ‘bitch’.

“He grabbed my cellphone and threw it behind the couch. I asked him if I could go to the bathroom. The suspect threatened to kill me and was carrying a knife. He hit me and dragged me to the bedroom where he rammed my head into the wall.

“I screamed and tried to fight him off but it was dark inside the house after he put out the candles and nobody else was in the house. Nobody heard my cries for help.

“He covered my mouth to prevent me from screaming. I was hitting him with a stone that I found outside but he grabbed my wrists and overpowered me. I dared him to kill me.”

She indicated that her friend wanted to take vengeance on the suspect when he caught him raping her.

“I was taken to hospital and given medication and will be receiving counselling. I will never go back to that house, ever.”

Her grandmother added that she became worried when her granddaughter did not come home on Friday night.

“Bad things happen in the day, but at night it is even worse. Criminals are lurking everywhere and it is too dangerous to walk anywhere.”

The ward councillor did not answer his cellphone when contacted yesterday.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Majang Skalkie, confirmed that the Galeshewe police were investigating a case of rape.

She said a 26-year-old man was arrested on Saturday and was expected to appear in the Galeshewe Magistrate’s Court today.

“Media enquiries surrounding the house where the alleged rape took place will form part of the investigation.”

Skalkie added that the girl did not sustain any other serious injuries.