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Sexual assault cases increase in Province


This while the number of reported rape cases decreased by 19,5 percent during the fourth quarter 2020/’21.

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SEXUAL ASSAULT cases in the Northern Cape increased by 14,3 percent while the number of reported rape cases decreased by 19,5 percent during the fourth quarter 2020/’21.

The national crime statistics were released by the Minister of Police Bheki Cele during a briefing on Friday.

The most frequent place where rapes occurred in the Province, where 130 cases were reported, have taken place at residences of the perpetrator or victim including the homes of family, friends and neighbours.

Public places were cited as the second most common areas where rapes took place in the Northern Cape with 53 cases reported to have taken place in open fields, streets, abandoned buildings, recreational centres and parking areas.

Two rapes were reported to have taken place inside prison or holding cells in the Province.

Kimberley police station featured at number 29 of the top 30 police stations with the most common assault cases where 163 cases were reported compared to 176 in the previous year.

Common assault was the most prevalent crime reported in domestic violence cases at 180 cases followed by 136 assault GBH cases and 72 malicious damage to property cases.

Kimberley police station was ranked number 25 on the top 30 police stations for serious crimes reported by the community.

However, a 29,4 percent decrease was noted in the number of serious crimes compared to the January until March 2019/2020 period.

A total of 20 kidnapping cases were reported and 830 cases of contact-related crimes were reported, although the number of arson cases decreased by 24,3 percent and malicious damage to property increased by 1,4 percent.

Property-related crimes decreased by 19,3 percent, although Kimberley police station was reported to be in the top 30 police stations in the country to have a high number of property-related crimes where 366 cases were reported during January to March 2021.

Kimberley police station was listed as number 27 on the top 30 police stations with the highest number of burglaries at residential premises amounting to 155 cases, although the overall reported number of cases decreased by 14,7 percent compared to the previous quarter.

The number of burglaries at non-residential premises decreased by 22,1 percent.

During January until March 2021 65 schools and 27 liquor premises were burgled in the Province.

Kimberley was identified as number 17 out of the top 30 police stations in the country for the highest number of theft out of motor vehicles where a total of 579 cases of theft out of a motor vehicle were reported.

Kimberley was also highlighted as one of the top 30 police stations in the country for other crimes including shoplifting, commercial crimes and theft with 430 reported cases.

There were 304 cases of theft not mentioned elsewhere where Kimberley police station was ranked at number 11.

Commercial crimes recorded a 14,1 percent increase in the Northern Cape, while Upington was identified as number nine in the top 30 police stations in the country for the most shoplifting cases where 103 cases were recorded.

Crimes detected as a result of police action decreased by 10,5 percent in the Province while the illegal possession of ammunition and firearms increased by 51,4 percent.

Drug-related crimes decreased by 4,3 percent and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs decreased by 46,3 percent.

Stock theft showed a decrease of 34,6 percent, where nationally sheep were reported to be the most common animal that was stolen.

Serious crimes reported by the community in the Northern Cape such as contact-related as well as property crimes decreased by 12,8 percent from January to March 2021.

A 32,5 percent increase was reported in non-residential robberies in the Province over the three month period while robberies at residential premises decreased by 13,2 percent.

Common robberies decreased by 14,4 percent in the Northern Cape.

The number of contact crimes including murder, sexual offences, assault and robberies during the three months decreased by 9,8 percent compared to the same period during the previous year.

Murder trends decreased in the Northern Cape by 2,5 percent while one off duty police officer was murdered in the Province between January and March 2021.

No farm murders were reported in the Province during this period.

A total of 131 attempted murders were recorded compared to 130 during the previous year.

Assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm decreased by 11,7 percent while common assault cases decreased by 3,5 percent.

Robberies with aggravating circumstances decreased by 11,2 percent in the Northern Cape.

A 5,7 percent increase of trio crimes including, robberies, cash in transit robberies and bank robberies was noted where six carjacking incidents were reported, compared to nine incidents in the 2019/2020 year.

One truck hijacking was reported.

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