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Sewage river still flowing

Sewage river still flowing at Gogga Pump. Photo: Danie van der Lith

“The DWS is following up with the municipality on progress to rectify the spillage and situation.”

However, Matsie disputed the claims from the DWS, that little had been done to stop the flowing sewage, saying yesterday that the initial problem has since been resolved but an electrical problem has caused new headaches.

“All the problems that were highlighted earlier have been resolved,” he said yesterday afternoon.

“We appointed a contractor who fixed the line that had collapsed midway between Gogga pump and Homevale. We also relocated all the small-scale farmers that had settled in the area.

“The problem now is with the electricity supply which has left the pump out of operation.

“As soon as the pump is switched on, the water will stop flowing but I cannot say when that will be.”