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Service delivery takes another knock


It’s more bad news.

SERVICE delivery in Kimberley by the Sol Plaatje Municipality has taken another knock with refuse collection in the city also grinding to a halt, while further bad news has been received regarding water supply to the city.

In a statement issued yesterday by the Office of the Executive Mayor, it was stated that the Municipality had experienced further challenges with the power supply to the new pumping station at Riverton.

“The cable blew once more and the municipality is now forced to run with one high lift pump,” spokesperson for the Mayor’s Office, Persome Oliphant said.

She added that the municipality’s technical teams were on site to replace the cable.

“It must be noted that we will not be able to improve our storage level as planned,” she stated.

On Monday cables blew in one of the transformers that feed the plant with power and led to the tripping of high lift pumps and ultimately an intermittent pumping pattern to the city.

“New cables were set up by the electrical unit to ensure water is restored to all areas,” Oliphant pointed out.

She said that since the discovery of the diminished pumping capacity, technical teams had been on site throughout the day and the problem was receiving all necessary attention to ensure that pump facilities are repaired timeously.

“Once work is done, pumping will resume and the municipality will start by supplying the Newton Reservoir.”

She warned that daily water restrictions would continue. “This is done in order to supply water to residents.”

Meanwhile, after refuse has not been collected since Monday, municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, confirmed yesterday that employees of the municipality had “an issue”, resulting in them not collecting the refuse.

Without giving any details regarding the issue, Matsie stated that the employees had “expressed concerns over certain grievances”.

“Management has engaged with the affected employees and the matter was also discussed at the formal Local Labour Forum,” Matsie said, adding that the municipality apologised for the lack of service delivery.

“The matter is being resolved,” he stated.

Matsie added that whatever their concerns, employees had to follow due process and raise such matters in the proper structures.

“The Local Labour Forum has now become operational and these matters will receive our attention.”

Matsie said all uncollected refuse would be attended to and in areas where refuse was not collected, the municipality’s team would double their schedules to catch up with the backlog.

The Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has, meanwhile, invited residents to a public meeting with all relative officials and directors of the municipality regarding the water and sanitation issues currently facing businesses and residents.

The meeting will take place at the Horseshoe Inn on November 4 from 12 midday until 2pm.

“After numerous calls and emails from very frustrated members of the public and residents, Nocci has arranged a meeting where questions can be posed to the relevant officials and directors,” Nocci CEO Sharon Steyn said yesterday.

“This is now the opportunity to attend this meeting and ask all relevant questions,” Steyn said.

She added that this would be an open function and would be attended by the Executive Mayor, the Speaker and Chief Whip, the Acting Municipal Manager, and the Executive Director of Infrastructure and the water and sanitation engineer.

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