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Sassa changes grant payment dates


Dates for grant payments will be changed as from next month, to smooth out problems that were experienced during April.

PAYMENT dates of Sassa grants over the national lockdown will be changed, as from next month, to smooth out problems that were experienced during April. 

Head of communications at Sassa, Paseka Letsatsi, said that as from May, disability and older persons grants would be paid from the 4th day of the month. “All other grants will be paid from the 6th of every month.” 

Letsatsi pointed out that the payment date for April was brought forward to March 30. “The first two days were dedicated to people with disabilities and older persons to ensure compliance with the state of disaster requirements. Impatient child support grant beneficiaries could not wait for April 1 and descended upon payment channels as early as March 30. This posed all sorts of health challenges and it became difficult at some stores and ATMs to maintain social distancing. ”  

Paseka stated that Sassa had since reviewed the payment dates.  

“Sassa started consulting role-players such as National Treasury, the South African Post Office, the banking association, retailers, and the consumer goods council regarding the need to protect persons with disabilities and the elderly from the month-end rush at payment outlets. 

“Therefore payments need to be staggered in such a way that these categories of beneficiaries receive their grants before others. To effect this, Sassa will make use of two payment files. The first one will cover the aged and the disabled while the second payment file will cover all other grant types.” 

He explained that some older persons could access linked grants on the same day. 

“Some elderly beneficiaries can use one card to also receive child support and foster child grants. In such cases they will be able to access all linked grants from the 4th of every month.

“Once the money is in the account, it will remain there until it is needed.”

Sassa CEO Busiswe Memela assured beneficiaries that money deposited into their accounts was secure.

“The money deposited will not be taken back if it is not used. There is no need to rush to withdraw cash on the first day that the money is made available. The Sassa card can also be used as a debit card to pay for purchases. Therefore it is not necessary to withdraw cash in order to purchase goods.”

Old age and disability grant beneficiaries in the city indicated that they did not experience any problems and did not have to wait in queues when they collected their grants last month. 

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