Home News Saftu members in Northern Cape to join nationwide strike

Saftu members in Northern Cape to join nationwide strike


Federation to embark on national general strike to highlight growing poverty, unemployment and inequality

File picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African News Agency (ANA)

MEMBERS of the SA Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) in the Northern Cape will participate in the planned nationwide strike on Wednesday.

Saftu has indicated that it is a protected strike and that no employer is permitted to victimise or penalise any worker who chooses to participate in the strike action, regardless of their union affiliation.

The federation said that while Covid-19 had destroyed 2.2 million jobs, bosses were using the pandemic as an excuse to cut wages and worsen working conditions.

The federation is calling for a minimum wage of R12,500 for all workers, along with cutting the wages, bonuses and benefits of bosses.

Saftu also wants the urgent introduction of a R1,500 basic income grant.

The interim provincial chairperson of Saftu, Modisaotsile Siro, said that all members, along with other workers, would support the stay-away.

“All workers, irrespective of their affiliation, will be protected if they participate in the strike action,” said Siro.

He said that some of the grievances related to unemployment, inequality, the insourcing of all outsourced workers, corruption, fighting the wage freeze of public servants, free quality decolonised education, stopping privatisation of state-owned institutions and radical transformation of the economy.

“We acknowledge the pep talk by the premier but all we hear is cheap talk, there is no progress or implementation,” said Siro.

He added that despite promises of improving the health care services at Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital, there was still a dire shortage of medical staff and nurses.

“State resources are still being looted, no one is held accountable and people are living like pigs among leaking sewage.”