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Robbers hit liquor store


The men allegedly tried to steal a large amount of cash, cigarettes and expensive alcohol

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THREE men who allegedly attempted to rob Madeira Liquor Store in Du Toitspan Road on Wednesday evening were “caught in the act” by security guards.

The men allegedly tried to steal a large amount of cash, cigarettes and expensive alcohol.

The suspects entered the store just before it closed at 7pm. It is alleged that they closed the front door of the shop and one of them jumped over the counter and ransacked the cash register.

Two female employees, who were manning the store at the time, were forced onto the floor and their hands were tied with cable ties.

The suspects then packed liquor and cash into a bag and tried to escape through the back door of the store, which was locked.

According to information, a security guard at the Halfway House Hotel became suspicious after he saw the three suspects entering the store and closing the door.

The guard alerted the management at the hotel, who in turn set off their panic button to alert their security company.

The security guards apprehended the suspects inside the store and alerted the police.

The owner of the store, Joaquim Goncalves, said yesterday that he was relieved that none of his employees were injured during the incident. “The women were shaken by the incident but we are happy that they did not endure any physical injuries. It is a very unfortunate incident.

“We are also pleased and grateful for the speedy reaction of the security guard from the Halfway House, who had the insight to alert the authorities. The police were on the scene and apprehended the suspects within a few minutes,” said Goncalves.

Police spokesperson, Captain Sergio Kock, said that the suspects would appear in court soon.

“On Wednesday, April 11, at about 7pm, three male suspects were caught in the act while allegedly busy robbing a bottle store in Kimberley,” said Kock.

“The suspects allegedly entered the business premises and tied the hands of two female employees with cable ties. The suspects apparently tried to flee through the back exit with a substantial amount of money, cigarettes and expensive alcohol.

“The employees managed to alert Top Security Services (TSS), who alerted nearby police. The SAPS Flying Squad and Kimberley SAPS Crime Prevention assisted the security company and arrested the suspects inside the premises.

“A black bag containing the alleged robbed goods and a panga used to threaten the employees was also found by police on the scene.

“The suspects should be appearing in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court soon,” said Kock.