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Riverton protest suspended

Chalets and rondawels were set alight by Riverton protesters. Picture supplied

THE SITUATION remains calm in Riverton following Thursday’s protest action where 2 municipal chalets and 2 rondavels were set alight at the Riverton Resort.

The residents of Riverton took their service delivery frustrations to the streets, barricading the entrance road to the resort with burning tyres and rocks and demanded that the Sol Plaatje mayor Kagisho Sonyoni should address them.

They wanted answers regarding the lack of progress displayed by the CPA in allocating them land which the municipality would then allocate to them with basic services.

They also expressed that they have about 350 shacks at Riverton that require basic services.

The informal settlement has been in existence for 15 years.

According to the residents, they only have 3 toilets that are serviced once a month.

Apparently they also have to make illegal water connections from underground pipes.

The protest was only suspended after the arrival of the Sol Plaatje mayor Kagisho Sonyoni and his team to do inspections of the areas of concern.

The community accused the CPA of failing to release Droogfontein land to them as beneficiaries, and instead renting out their land.

After inspections at the informal settlement, the mayor promised to start engagements with the CPA in order for basic services to be rendered to the settlement.

Apparently there was a verbal agreement was reached with the Speaker of Sol Plaatje Municipality, Nomazizi Maputla, for the process to be sped up.

On Thursday the CPA was not present when the community took to the street to protest.

The mayor arrived with his delegation in the afternoon after the residents’ frustration flared up.

They threatened to return to the streets again on Monday if the CPA failed to meet the municipality.

Municipal spokesperson Thoko Riet said engagements will start from Monday between the Droogfontein CPA and the municipality.

She said the community protested for ablution facilities and water.

Riet confirmed that 2 chalets and 2 rondavels were burned.

“The cost of the damage is not yet confirmed,” said Riet.

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