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Riverton bridge closed to heavy-duty vehicles


Heavy-duty vehicles and trucks transporting manganese were prevented from accessing the Riverton bridge on Wednesday.

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HEAVY-duty vehicles and trucks transporting manganese were prevented from accessing the Riverton bridge, while the road was barricaded with rocks and burning tyres at the Riverton and Langley intersection on Wednesday during a service delivery protest.

Community members stated that potholes are making the local roads impossible to navigate.

Bayekeni William Ntaka said that community members redirected heavy-duty trucks away from the bridge.

“The bridge is on the verge of collapse. We instructed all manganese trucks not to use the bridge between Pelindaba and Stillwater and Riverton. The bridge is not safe for school buses and people that have to travel to Barkly West, Windsorton or Kimberley and there are no other alternative routes. We were promised that the roads would be fixed, but up until today nothing is happening to ensure the safety of motorists and trucks.”

Eugene Appels from Riverton added that a memorandum was handed over regarding poor service delivery, where the Riverton community wanted answers by June 1.

“There are no toilets or electricity at the Riverton shanties, there is a high unemployment rate and the community is demanding the title deeds to the houses.”

He indicated that the bridge was collapsing while roads leading into Kimberley and Barkly West were dangerous and damaged.

“An assessment should be done on the damage that is being caused by heavy-duty traffic and for the repairing of infrastructure.”

Stillwater councillor Soul Blom said the Department of Roads and Public Works erected signs to divert heavy-duty traffic from the bridge on Wednesday.

“They are fixing potholes and the situation is under control.”

He believed that the bridge was “taking strain” after the R31 road was closed to traffic.

“The bridge will not collapse, although it is taking strain from the additional weight of heavy-duty traffic.”

Pictures: Supplied

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