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River murder suspect released


The inquest investigation had been changed to a murder investigation.

Angelique Harmse

THE FAMILY of Angelique Harmse expressed their anger and disappointment after the suspect arrested for her murder was released on Tuesday afternoon before even appearing in court.

Yolande Williams, Harmse’s aunt, indicated yesterday that they were simply told that the reason for the suspect’s release was for further investigation.

She said that the memorial service for Harmse would take place on Saturday at the Methodist Church in Recreation Road, Floors.

Police spokesperson Captain Sergio Kock said yesterday that the inquest investigation had been changed to a murder investigation.

“The 32-year-old man that was detained by the police on Monday, February 11 2019 in connection with the murder of Harmse was released on Tuesday, February 12 2019 for further police investigations,” said Kock.

Harmse’s body was found in the Vaal River this past Saturday.

A group of friends were travelling in their boat when they spotted the body.

“My friend and I were just going up and down the river when I happened to look left and saw something in the water. We decided to take a closer look and that was when we discovered it was the body of a woman.”

“It is believed that the woman had been in the river for quite a while as her body was in a state of decomposition and some of her flesh was eaten away.”