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Ritchie man attacked by 3 pit bulls, residents living in fear

A Ritchie man was attacked by three pit bulls. Picture: Supplied

A Ritchie man was attacked by three pit bulls on Thursday. It has been claimed that this was the eighth person to have been attacked by the dogs in the last year.

RESIDENTS in Ritchie had to call the SPCA on Thursday morning after three pit bulls attacked a 30-year-old man in Makotoi Street.

It has been claimed that this was the eighth person to have been attacked by the dogs in the last year.

The man, who suffered bite wounds on both of his legs and arm, was rushed to the nearest clinic and later transported to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital in Kimberley for further treatment.

Apparently, some of the previous victims decided not to open cases with the Ritchie police after no progress was made with already existing cases.

They claimed that the police kept on promising to open cases after the J88 forms were available.

The residents called the SPCA on Thursday after accusing the Ritchie police of “turning a blind eye” to the dog attacks.

The residents were, however, left fuming after the SPCA arrived at the owner’s home and only removed two of the pit bulls.

The other pit bull, which they claimed was the “most vicious”, was apparently removed from the yard by the owner before the SPCA arrived.

The residents also lashed out that the representative from the SPCA, who they claimed had told them that “whoever wants the missing dog to be removed must pay”.

One of the community members said that there are several people who are still nursing wounds caused by the same dogs.

Some of the attacks reportedly happened late last year.

The resident said that it is “disturbing” because the dogs jump over the fence and attack passers-by.

She added that they “live in fear” and that “most of the time the owners of the dogs deny that it was their dogs”.

“We live in fear because we have children and are afraid of allowing them to walk and play freely.

“After the dogs let go of the victim and ran into the yard, the owners calmly emerged from their home and said they did not hear anything.

“They were trying to again deny that it was their dogs, until eyewitnesses proved them wrong.

“The male owner led the one dog that is most feared, and responsible for the bites, away from the yard and later returned without it,” said one of the witnesses.

Another resident said that it was believed that it would be a good decision to call the SPCA because anger towards the owners was escalating.

“The main dog, which is the one that is the first to jump over the fence, is nowhere to be found and the SPCA was rude to us,” the resident, however, added.

Police spokesperson Captain Sergio Kock said they were called to a dog attack incident on Thursday, but the police found the dogs locked up in the yard upon arrival at the reported address.

Kock said that no case has been opened regarding a dog attack.

He added that the owners of the residence denied any knowledge of a dog attack.

“The owners of the house said it was not their dogs and that they were only looking after them. The police went to look for the said victim and could not find him at the clinic,” said Kock.

He, however, urged the victim to approach the police if he wanted to open a case.

The SPCA did not comment after promising to do so.

Picture: Supplied
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