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Residents work to ’bring back the sparkle’


’Bring Back the Sparkle’ has started with cleaning projects and the beautifying of entrances to the city.

Community members are working to bring back the sparkle to the city. Picture: Facebook

“BRING Back the Sparkle” has started with cleaning projects and the beautifying of entrances to the city.

FF+ councillor Johan Smit said they were a group of community members who decided to restore the pride of Kimberley.

“We don’t want an eyesore of filth and dumping to be the first image visitors have when they arrive in Kimberley,” said Smit.

“We meet for around four hours every Saturday. We have volunteers from all walks of life who have joined us, including a doctor and her daughter and retired teachers who are becoming involved. Anybody is welcome to join and we encourage members of the public to own these public spaces.”

Smit said 150 members had joined the group.

He added that they worked with the parks and recreation unit at Sol Plaatje Municipality.

“They enlist the services of Phoebe’s Green Team that assists in cleaning and clearing areas before we plant seedlings and flowers. Phoebe Loffe employs and trains youths and she is the cleaning queen of Kimberley.”

Smit indicated that they relied on donations and sponsors.

“Any funds that we receive go towards purchasing plants from a local nursery. We also hope to expand our activities to fixing potholes and leaking pipes in the future.”

He said that they had thus far done clean-ups and planted flowers.

“Our next spots include main roads leading into Kimberley and the Kimberley sign boards on the airport road and the N12 from Warrenton.”

Members of “Bring Back the Sparkle”, who meet over weekends to clean and beautify the city. Picture: Facebook
Phoebe’s Green Team cleaned the Kimberley station. Picture: Facebook

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