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Residents will not be left high and dry – Sol


With the Newton Reservoir full to capacity, the municipality is confident that the city will not be without water.

Sello Matsie, spokesperson for the Sol Plaatje Municipality, says they are ready for the Festive Season.

WITH all the dams at Kimberley’s Newton Reservoir full to capacity, the municipality is confident that the city will not be left high and dry this Festive Season.

Earlier this month, a pipe burst on the main line from the Riverton Water Purification Works to the city saw large parts of the city without water, while just days before Christmas last year, a series of pipe bursts throughout various parts of Kimberley, had residents scrambling to collect water.

At the time, the municipality announced that five to six billion rand was needed to maintain and repair the city’s aging infrastructure. Residents were warned at the time to prepare for a dry Christmas due to a leaking pipe at the Newton Reservoir.

Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, however, assured residents that all the dams at the Newton Reservoir were at 16 feet, which is full capacity.

“The little bit of rain has also helped because, generally speaking, people do not water their gardens when it rains or if there is a promise of rain.”

Matsie added that the pipe burst on the main line from Riverton earlier this month had been repaired and water was being pumped at full capacity to the city currently.

“We are ready for the festive season,” Matsie said, pointing out that this was traditionally a time when there was a slight influx of visitors to the city.

“Our teams are currently clearing illegal dumping sites while the EPWP workers are out in full force. We want to ensure that our visitors and residents are not being let down in terms of the provision of services at this time of the year.”

Matsie added that although refuse would not be collected on Monday next week (Christmas Day), it would be collected as usual on New Year’s Day.

“Other essential services, like the fire department, water and electricity, emergency and traffic services, will also be on duty.”

He said systems were being put in place to deal with the anticipated increase of visitors to the resorts on New Year’s Day and life-guards will be on duty, while pools would also be closed in the evenings in an attempt to prevent drownings.

“Many residents also flock to the parks at this time of the year and we appeal to them to leave the facilities in the same condition that they expect to find them.”

He said complaints had been received about visitors to particularly Queens Park, with regards to noise, litter and unruly behaviour. “These facilities are often trashed with litter – and then residents expected them to be in a pristine condition the next day again. We really appeal to everyone to respect these facilities so that we can all be proud of the city.”