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Resident’s wait for driving licence drags on


“I was given a temporary licence for six months, which expired in December.”

AFTER applying for her new driving licence, a city resident is still waiting more than a year later.

The elderly resident, whose licence was stolen out of her car during a smash and grab, said that she originally applied for a new licence on June 4, 2018. “I was given a temporary licence for six months, which expired in December.”

On enquiry at the city’s traffic department, she was told that her new licence had not yet arrived and she was given another temporary licence for six months.

That licence has also expired and despite several phone calls to the traffic department, she was informed that her licence had still not arrived and she was advised to come in to the traffic department.

“I went in again and had to go through the whole process once more, including the eye test and was asked to pay R137.50 for the licence. I was informed that my new licence would be there in two or three weeks’ time. I waited for the required time and again phoned the traffic department. The new licence, however, had still not come.”

According to the resident, when she phoned to check again, she was again told to come in, so that she could be given a letter in case she was stopped by traffic officials.

“It is difficult for me to walk and I really don’t want to go through the entire process again,” she said.

Yesterday, the exasperated resident tried phoning once again. “The one number I always phone on was suddenly not in existence any more. I was told to phone the municipality’s exchange but there was no answer. I also tried phoning the number I use for my electricity reading but there was no answer there as well.”

The resident stated that she felt completely hopeless. “I feel so empty. What if they stop me from driving. There is just no one who can tell me what to do from here or what’s going on. Each time I am just told to come in and then I am expected to pay more money again. Where does one go to from here?”

Sol Plaatje municipal spokesperson Sello Matsie said: “This is a very difficult situation because the municipality is dependent on a third party for the issuing of licences. However, we will undertake to assist where possible.”

He added that there were around six people who were in the same position, who are also waiting for their licences to be issued.

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