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Residents urged to prepare for water shutdown


Nightly water interruptions will also restart.

Fle image. Picture: Lizéll Muller

Kimberley residents are once again urged to fill up their containers as the Sol Plaatje has scheduled another four-day water shutdown starting on Thursday evening, November 18 until late afternoon Sunday, November 21, 2021.

The municipality also said water interruptions will start from tonight, November 13, 2021.

Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie said the reason for the shutdown is for the municipality to conduct repair work and maintenance on the bulk pipelines and the reticulation network within the city

“The water interruption will from Thursday at 6pm until late afternoon on November 21. The scope of the work will include major known and visible leaks on the 965 line from Riverton to Kimberley. The planned intervention work sites are eight of which four are near the 3SAI Military Base and three near Gogga Pump Station, which will also include the replacement of a leaking scour valve. The work will also include the repair of a valve near Camelia Street. There are also several leaks in the reticulation network within the city. The more serious ones were identified at eight sites which will also be dealt with simultaneously with the 965 line repairs. Those leaks are at Edgerton and Central Road, William Gasson, Hull Street, N12, Oliver Road and three in the city centre,” said Matsie

He said water tankers will supply water to residents who might run out of water during the shutdown.

“Water tankers will be placed at specific sites covering all areas in the city.

“Five tankers will focus on emergency water supplies at hospitals.

“Water points will be at the Newton Reservoir and the emergency service site will be at the Civic Offices.

“Four filler points have been set up at Newton to speed up filling of trucks.

“About 200 Jojo tanks that are currently located at the informal settlements will be serviced by seven water tankers on an ongoing basis.

“We will however commence with nightly water interruption from Saturday, November 13, 2021 to boost the water reserves at Newton Reservoir Complex. The reservoirs will be kept at full capacity and water will only be released into the network once supply from Riverton Purification Plant has started,” he said.

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