Home News Residents slam police over “troublesome” liquor traders

Residents slam police over “troublesome” liquor traders


Ritchie residents complain of loud noise and “reckless behaviour”

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THE OWNER of a shebeen in Stokroos Street in Ritchie was issued with a fine for illegally dealing in liquor.

Police spokesperson Captain Olebogeng Tawana said yesterday that the police will continue to monitor the situation regarding liquor traders in Ritchie.

Residents in Stokroos Street have complained about “troublesome” liquor traders in the area and have accused the police of turning a blind eye to the situation.

The residents said on Thursday that they have complained to the police about a nearby tavern and shebeen, which they accuse of not following lockdown regulations.

The tavern is apparently situated next to the police station while the shebeen is opposite the police station.

The residents said that the “reckless behaviour” and loud noise in Stokroos Street usually starts on a Wednesday and continues on through the weekend.

The residents said that they have been kept awake at night due to the loud music coming from the two liquor traders, while the street often turns into a war zone as drunken revellers get into fights.

The residents said that the two liquor traders do not comply with Covid-19 regulations and continue to operate during the curfew.

“The tavern starts playing loud music up until around 2am, and once it turns off the music the shebeen takes over until the tavern reopens,” said one resident.

Tawana, meanwhile, said on Thursday that a local trader has been fined for illegally dealing in liquor and that the police “will continue to monitor shebeens which are mushrooming in the Ritchie community”.

“And we will not hesitate to arrest them and close them down completely,” added Tawana.