Home News Repairs see Eskom abandoning load shedding

Repairs see Eskom abandoning load shedding


Repairs on the conveyor belt has seen the power utility abandoning load shedding tonight and tomorrow.

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Durban – No load shedding is expected tonight and tomorrow after a conveyor belt feeling coal into generation units at the Medupi power station, has been repaired.

Eskom said the belt was repaired and is currently in service which has improved Eskom’s capacity to supply electricity.

“While no load shedding is expected this evening and tomorrow, Eskom would like to remind the public that the system remains constrained and vulnerable, and should there be any significant breakdowns, load shedding may have to be implemented at short notice,” the power utility said in a statement issued today.

Eskom said unplanned breakdowns amount to 10 909MW of capacity, adding to the 5 831MW currently out on planned maintenance.

“Teams are working around the clock to return as many of these generation units to service as possible,” Eskom said.

The state-owned utility, which provides some 95 percent of the country’s electricity, has effected load shedding intermittently for more than a decade as its ageing infrastructure has struggled to generate enough to meet demand.

The company is also beset with financial problems blamed on years of mismanagement by executives who have since left.

On Thursday it said the incident at its Medupi power station meant that the four generation units in service were not able to take in the requisite amount of coal to generate electricity.