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Renew car licence at post office


Members of the public indicated that there had been no notification of the change-over

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MOTOR vehicle licences in Kimberley can, from the beginning of this month, only be renewed at the South African Post Office.

The relocation of the renewal of motor vehicle licence service from local municipalities to the South African Post Office kicked off in the Northern Cape in June this year in some towns. However, in Kimberley motorists could still renew their motor vehicle licences at the traffic department.

Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said yesterday that the Sol Plaatje Municipality received communication from the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison that the function would be taken over by the South African Post Office from August 1.

“However, because this was a transition process, both the municipality and the post office would continue to offer the service for the month of August. From September 1, vehicle licences can only be renewed at the post office,” said Matsie.

He added that the process had already taken place in the rest of the Province and Kimberley was the last town where it has been implemented.

Members of the public indicated yesterday that there had been no notification of the change-over.

“The situation at the post office is chaotic,” a member of the public said yesterday. “One person had to stand in the queue for more than two hours and when he got to the counter he was informed that there was no more paper so they couldn’t help him.”

Matsie added yesterday that the municipality noted the challenges raised by the public. “However, we are just an agency of the provincial office, so our hands are tied.”

He reminded the public that the post office was also involved in the issuing of vehicle licence discs. “The renewal of actual driving licences is still done at the licensing department of the municipality.”

Spokesperson for the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison, Keitumetse Moticoe, confirmed yesterday that the Motor Vehicles Renewals (MVL) function was done at all post offices in the Northern Cape.


“The function has been relocated from all municipalities with the vision of making the service more accessible and efficient to the people of the Province as it will be available for longer operating hours as well as on Saturdays, which was not available at municipalities. The post office also has speed point services for the convenience of clients, dedicated queues that are exclusively for MVL and residents are no longer bound by municipal boundaries and can now renew at any South African Post Office within the boundaries of the Province.”

She added that the relocation of the function commenced on June 1, 2017, when 10 post offices began to perform the function. The second phase of the function occurred a year later in July 2018, when an additional 15 post offices were rolled out.

The last 18 post offices began operations on September 1 this year. Only three municipalities in the Province, namely Garies, Hanover and Phillipstown, still conduct the MVL renewal function as there are no post offices in these towns.”

She added that both the first and second phase were accompanied by communication on various media platforms in the Province including press releases, radio adverts announcing the relocation, flyer distribution and posters.

“The post office and municipality also offered the service concurrently for a month with every phase to ensure communication and services still reached the people.”

According to Moticoe, the first and second phase had been a smooth transition with only a few teething problems, such as system challenges. “These are expected with any new system but have since been resolved. We are confident the post office will continue to deliver an efficient service and their capacity will meet the demand.”

She added further that depending on the numbers of the population, the service points in the respective post offices may be increased, and necessary monitoring would continue to ensure that the community derived the desired convenience.

“An example of increased capacity being built into the function is Kuruman, Kathu, Upington and Kimberley, in order to be able to meet the pressure requirements of the function,” Moticoe said.

“We also note that the post office might have challenges during grant payments time and we have requested the post office to create additional space for the exclusive utilisation of the MVL renewal function.”

Moticoe stated that the department was currently finalising the media campaign which would further communicate the finalisation of the relocation of MVL from municipalities to the post office.