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Refuse collection has resumed – Sol

Refuse collection has resumed. File picture

REFUSE was not collected in several areas in the city on Monday, due to industrial action by municipal workers in the section.

Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said yesterday that the matter was resolved after intervention by management and trade unions on the issues raised by the affected workers.

“A follow-up meeting will be held to address issues of concern later this month,” Matsie said.

He added that workers resumed the collection of refuse yesterday morning and will do catch-up on areas that were not collected on Monday.

“We would like to emphasise that there are labour procedures to be followed on any unhappiness in the workplace. The municipality would like to apologise to the affected residents unreservedly,” Matsie said.

Irate residents, however, were not amused about the lack of notification from the municipality.

“The executive mayor, Mangaliso Matika, keeps talking about plans to keep the city clean but surely the first step in this is the collection of refuse. If we had been informed that there was a problem, we could have taken the bags back inside. Now, however, they have been left out and torn open by dogs, with the result that everything inside the bags is strewn all over. Now more ratepayers’ money will have to be used to clean up an already dirty city,” one irate resident stated.

“We are expected to pay for services that we do not receive,” another resident pointed out. “If it is not water or power outages, the refuse isn’t collected, yet we have to pay our accounts timeously.”