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REC slams ‘sell-outs’


The opposition was misleading the community into believing that the mayoral chain had been snatched off Matika’s neck.

ANC regional secretary, Webster Dichaba

THE ANC Regional Executive Committee (REC) has branded the ANC councillors who voted in favour of a motion of no confidence in the Sol Plaatje executive mayor, Mangaliso Matika, as being “sell-outs”.

Matika is also the ANC REC chairperson.

ANC regional secretary, Webster Dichaba, lambasted the councillors for being prepared to “auction off the hard won electoral power” at the disposal of the party.

“The ANC in the region is deeply concerned and will deal decisively with this growing foreign behaviour that has potential to plunge the Sol Plaatje Municipality deeper into crisis.

“It will result in the ANC’s electoral power being sold to the highest bidder and handed over to opposition parties.”

Dichaba warned that the opposition was misleading the community into believing that the mayoral chain had been snatched off Matika’s neck.

“This is a fallacy and should not be entertained. The ANC appreciates their uncontrolled ambitions to become executive mayors and Speakers, however we are making an appeal to them to exercise patience.

“This motion against an ANC deployee was bound to give the opposition much needed political ammunition to weaken the ANC. We view this as an unprecedented move taken by our deployed public representatives in the history of the ANC post-1994 democratic breakthrough.

“They are still members of the ANC and the REC will convene a meeting to further deliberate on this matter.”

Dichaba viewed the “failed bogus motion of no confidence” against the executive mayor to be part of a broader political ploy by a faction that colluded with the opposition.

“The attempt was aimed at capturing the municipality for its narrow and self-centred accumulation interest. Initially this matter was a community and not a political issue, however, we noticed the DA making statements on behalf of the community.”

He pointed out that the ANC councillors had acted in direct defiance of the mandate given by the ANC Provincial Executive Committee (PEC).

“The ANC condemns the unholy and unprincipled alliance forged by some ANC councillors in collaborating with the opposition for the removal of Matika. During the illegal, bogus council meeting the processes followed were flawed.

“The standing rules and orders, including the Structures Act, are very clear on how the notice of council should be processed in removing any councillor.”

Dichaba stated that the REC would meet with communities in an attempt to find a workable solution to improve services.

Residents complain on a daily basis about raw sewage leaking into their homes, overflowing drains, potholes, water cuts, the dirty state of the city and a general apathy towards their grievances.

Dichaba said their leadership wished to remedy their shortcomings and “reflect on the atrocities that prevailed during the unrests”.

“We will engage with the Department of Education to make up for lost teaching days and we plead with the community to support this recovery plan. We will create a platform of engagement for business, church and taxi associations to raise issues affecting them to develop a way forward.”

He believed that the PEC had successfully managed to diffuse tensions, ensuring that there was calm and stability in the Frances Baard region.

“ANC officials did discuss the recent protests and made commitments to the REC to work together to stabilise the current situation. The ANC will urgently arrange a meeting with the ANCYL to discuss matters raised in the media.

“Key to these engagements will be utterances made in the media statement on decisions taken by the ANC in the Province.”