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Rape was ’pleasurable’


An aunt has revealed shocking details of how her six-year-old niece was allegedly raped by her 12-year-old sister’s boyfriend and yet found it ’pleasurable’.

AN AUNT has revealed shocking details of how her six-year-old niece was allegedly raped by her 12-year-old sister’s boyfriend and yet found it “pleasurable”.

The police are investigating the rape of a six-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl and no arrests have been made.

The aunt indicated that the incident took place when the six-year-old girl, who is living with her in Johannesburg, went to visit her 12-year-old sister in Kimberley during the December school holidays last year.

She indicated that the alleged incident took place at the home of her older niece’s boyfriend.

“My six-year-old niece accompanied her sister to see her boyfriend on December 21, 2021, when the suspect allegedly slept with both of them.

“He told them not to tell anyone about what had happened and gave them money and warm chips in exchange for their silence.”

She added that she was not aware of what had happened until recently.

“The child had trouble concentrating and doing her work at school. We would usually ask her what she did at school every day. The one day she started crying and told me and another woman what had happened.

“We took her to be examined and the doctor confirmed that she had been raped. However, I found it disturbing when she told us that it was “lekke” (enjoyable). What does a six-year-old girl know about sexual intercourse?

“She was neglected as a child and I took her into foster care at the age of four as her mother did not want her. She is like a stranger to her parents. She was also apparently molested in the presence of her mother. The older sister is staying with her grandmother in Kimberley.”

The aunt added that since the incident the six-year-old girl was behaving strangely.

She stated that she had taken her niece for counselling although she continued to display behaviour that was not age-appropriate.

“It appears as if she is an adult trapped in a child’s body. She talks about things that are advanced, way beyond her years. While her peers are chatting about what they want to be when they grow up, she indicated that she wants to be a mother.

“She pretends that she has a baby in her stomach and talks about the line that appears on an expectant mother’s stomach during pregnancy. I have no idea where she learnt these things at such a tender age.”

She added that her niece preferred to be in the company of boys and was also starting to bully the other children.

“She steals the other children’s food without asking and also steals food from my kitchen which she eats secretly in the toilet. I told her that she must just ask and that it was not necessary to steal fruit.

“She is prone to lying and accused me of abusing her by forcing her to cook porridge and wash the dishes. I do expect the children to do chores but I would never make her cook in front of a stove as she is too small. When the police came to take a statement she turned the whole story around and said that the lady in the garage was beating her and that her foster mother assaulted her because she had wet the blankets.”

She indicated that she was also taking care of her brother’s children and was worried that her niece might have a bad influence on them.

“My niece does not want to listen to me and she returned home the other day with her uniform all dirty when I expressly told her not to go to the park on her own. I can only do so much and I am at my wits’ end.

“I do not know how to deal with this manipulative behaviour and psychological problems. I am having trouble trying to understand her.

“None of our family members, including her grandmother, wants to take care of her on a permanent basis. I decided to become her foster mother as I did not see it fit for her to be raised by strangers, but I was not prepared for what is happening now. ”

Police spokesperson Sergeant Timothy Sam said the Galeshewe police were investigating the rape of a six-year-old girl.

“No arrests have been affected at this stage and police investigations are continuing.”

He added that the Galeshewe police were also investigating the rape of a 12-year-old girl in Galeshewe.

“A 26-year-old male was arrested and the docket was presented in court on July 4. The investigation is continuing.”

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