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Postmasburg residents patch potholes


Volunteers in Postmasburg have started fixing potholes on their street at their own expense.

Pictures: Supplied

VOLUNTEERS from Jordaan Street in Postmasburg have started fixing potholes on their street at their own expense.

The volunteers used crusher dust and tar to fill the potholes.

This is the second section of the road to be fixed after they had to stop in 2021 due to running out of material.

One of the volunteers, Richard Mogobeng, said they had spent almost R10,000 on the material they used on the project.

He said they had bought the material themselves because they were tired of waiting for Tsantsabane Local Municipality to fix the roads.

Mogobeng explained that he and his partner, Ace Barnard, used their own money, got guidance from a specialist from Kuruman and recruited another volunteer for additional labour.

He said they will be patching the road from the police station, past the church and towards the magistrate’s court.

“We started the patching in 2021 but had to stop after running out of material,” said Mogobeng.

“We had to stop again a week ago after running out of material. But we are just waiting on the material to be stocked in order to complete the work on the remaining patch.”

He said the section they had patched last year was still in good condition.

“The municipality never made an effort to complete the rest of the roads after we did our repairs. Seeing that all the roads are a mess, we decided to do something because it’s very frustrating to see how our cars get damaged on such a busy road.

“There was hardly any road left here. We want to show the municipality what we want.”

Mogobeng said they are motivated by the road users who continue to applaud them when they drive past.

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