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Piet Els dies


Els has not recovered after he was brutally attacked on his farm earlier this year.

Piet Els. Picture: Facebook

Prominent Kimberley businessman, Piet Els (87) who was attacked during a robbery at his home on January 23, has died in hospital..

Els died at the Gariep Mediclinic in Kimberley during the early hours of this morning.

Els and his partner were viciously attacked with steel rods and tortured with a clothes iron in January by four men who forced their way into the bedroom of Els’ farmhouse on the Schmidtsdrift Road, just outside Kimberley. 

According to Els’s partner, who was also attacked with Els during the incident, he passed away at around 00:20am.

“I was with him during his last moments. He was attached to a ventilator and could not talk. He has been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ever since he was admitted to hospital. I went to visit him every day since he was admitted. His condition was fluctuating as he could not eat some days. We always prayed he would recuperate but the last two weeks we noticed that things were going downhill,” she said.

Mediclinic spokesperson, Denise Coetzee, said Els had been in ICU since he was admitted on January 24, 2018.

“Els was admitted on January 24 with several injuries which included a head injury. He was brave and so determined to get well. We nursed him as well as we could. In the end his advanced age and the seriousness of his injuries were just too much. Els was hospitalised for 111 days,” said Coetzee.