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Petrol bomb linked to Lerato Park chaos


Sipho Chitsinda and his wife Marie, were asleep at the time when they were awoken by a loud bang at around 2am

Picture: Danie van der Lith

A HOME-MADE petrol bomb was hurled through the bedroom window of the community liaison officer at his home in Lerato Park during the early hours of yesterday morning.

Sipho Chitsinda and his wife Marie, were asleep at the time when they were awoken by a loud bang at around 2am.

Chitsinda explained that his gates were locked and that someone, standing close to the gates, hurled a beer bottle filled with petrol towards the window.

Matches, a pair of socks and broken pieces of a glass were found outside his house.

He added that he rushed his wife out of the house as quickly as possible as she suffered from chest problems.

“We ran out of the house, screaming for help. What would have happened if the house caught alight? We could have easily been trapped inside and burnt to death.”

Chitsinda was convinced that the culprits were protesters who were demanding serviced plots at the formal housing section at the Lerato Park Housing Development.

“I am being targeted ecause I am not giving into their demands if they are not rightful beneficiaries.”

His wife was extremely shaken by the incident.

“How are we expected to live when we are not even safe in our own beds?”

Community members also reacted to the incident.

“This is the type of behaviour that gangsters are involved in. There was a community meeting here on Wednesday where something could have been planned.”

Last month a burning tyre was left outside the home of Lerato Park councillor, Paul Kok, apparently because workers at a construction site had not been paid.

Community representative, Gerard Tekisho, denied that any community member was involved in the incident.

“Someone is trying to pin this on one of us. Perhaps it was orchestrated because we were threatened with arrest during the community meeting on Wednesday.

“Our only concern is that we want to be relocated to serviced plots and that no work should begin on the road leading into Lerato Park until we are moved to the formal housing section.”

He added that the community had no knowledge about the petrol bomb.

“We only heard about it later in the day. The seven protesters who were released on bail are also in danger of being placed back into custody. They are trying to make us look guilty on false charges and now we are being harassed and intimidated.”

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Majang Skalkie, said the Roodepan police were investigating a case of malicious damage to property.

“The charges relate to a window that was broken during the incident. The suspects are unknown. No arrests have been made yet and the motive is unknown. No injuries were reported while the case continues.”