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Party pays bail for public violence accused


“The ANC has interacted with the municipality and there is an undertaking that the individuals will not be in any way affected by the conditions of the interdict.”

Picture: Danie van der Lith

THE ANC has paid the bail money for some of the accused who were arrested and detained on charges of public violence and looting following their court appearances on Monday and yesterday.

A total of 193 accused were scheduled to appear in the Kimberley and Galeshewe magistrate’s courts over the past two days.

The suspects who were arrested outside the Galeshewe Magistrate’s Court for public violence on Monday, were apparently released after paying fines.

ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga said yesterday that 47 accused had been assisted with bail so far.

“Those that still remain in custody are those that have been denied bail by the court, due to different reasons, some being that the individuals might have previous criminal cases. We are made to believe that a special task team has been set up to investigate these cases,” said Ngxanga.

He added that the interdict that was placed on the court roll against the community leaders would be finalised and withdrawn on Friday.

“The ANC has interacted with the municipality and there is an undertaking that the individuals will not be in any way affected by the conditions of the interdict.”

Ngxanga believed that the appointment of the acting Sol Plaatje municipal manager was done in the best interest of the municipality.

“The municipal manager was placed on leave, therefore for the day-to-day running of the municipality there was a need to have an acting municipal manager. This decision can either be confirmed or reviewed by the council.”

He stated that the ANC had urged Sol Plaatje Municipality to always be “sensitive and responsive” to the issues that affect the community.

“No commitment should be made that the municipality is unable to achieve. Ward councillors are directed to convene monthly community meetings and the problems of the community should receive attention. Ward committees should also be activated and strengthened. The ANC will closely monitor all councillors and those who do not hold regular community meetings will be requested to account.”

DA provincial leader Andrew Louw meanwhile condemned Sol Plaatje executive mayor Mangaliso Matika for “once again bypassing proper consultation channels”.

“Out of his own, his good friend, Ruth Sebolecwe, was appointed as acting municipal manager. Despite serious grievances from community members, which led to unrest in the city, Matika has decided to run a one-man show. Silent to the cries of the community, Matika merely presented council with the name of his new deployee, expecting council to rubber stamp her appointment, which was already made on Monday.”

Louw believed that unlawful activities would continue unabated at Sol Plaatje Municipality.

“We can expect things to get worse not better, with service delivery also due to decline. Sol Plaatje has become a cash cow that channels funding to the ANC. That is why it is so difficult to get rid of Matika.”